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The Ring Matrix is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which comprises the core software system and infrastructure along with our support, advice and consultancy.

What is the Ring Matrix?

Our Ring Matrix software is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application which provides a platform to manage business data and information. Ring Matrix was created with open-source technologies and has been designed to be fast and lightweight. Unlike many other products there are no third-party licence fees for databases or operating systems, this reduces running costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

The Ring Matrix software has been designed to be flexible and can be used in every industry sector where data and documents exist. Our experienced team configure the core modules to suit your data and workflow requirements or we can extend the core modules by designing and creating custom modules to create any functionality required.

A software platform with many use cases

Data Collection

Data collection from websites, database and other sources and the presentation of millions of records into dashboards for analysis.

Website Scanning

Website scanning though our SpiderBot module to download millions of data items per day and create unique datasets for use in your own analysis tools, spreadsheets or for automatic import into your own database.

Certificate Databases

Databases where you can upload thousands of new certificates per day and have a secure area where your clients can login and download their own certificates, review certification history and provide an audit trail for 3rd party review.

Document System

Information Managers and Document Controllers can upload documents into a secure area and form knowledge bases, project data repositories or share documents with clients via a secure online portal.

Project Reporting

Collect and store petabytes of data from global locations comprising of sensor logs, scanning systems, videos and images and group and present the data in structured folders. Dashboards can contain automatic alerts and online web portals can allow clients to securely download version controlled datasets.

CV or Timesheets

Web portal where thousands of job candidates or agency workers can safely upload their data.

White Label Branding

By default, the Ring Matrix is branded as our product but we also offer a whitebox or white label service.

Every aspect of the Ring Matrix brand and design can be customised and you can brand the Ring Matrix platform as your own product. This includes running the application on your own domain name or sub-domain.

Ring Matrix Modules

The Ring Matrix core provides a stable platform to build on. We can enable or disable application modules as required and can configure modules to import or export data; control security and user access; provide audit trails and change logs; manage files and folders; display information in charts, graphs and tables; raise alerts; or automatically perform the next step in your workflow. Our dedicated team can extend the capabilities of the core system by designing and creating tailor-made modules. 

Ring Matrix Capabilities

The Ring Matrix system is enterprise grade and has been designed to work without artificial licence limits.

You can have as many users, projects and files as needed. The only limit being the data centre infrastructure, server hardware, network bandwidth and file storage capacity. These can all be upgraded.  

As an example, for one client, we run a business critical system with around a dozen production servers located in the UK along with a full mirror DR site located in Europe. The databases are replicated in real time and the servers store multiple mirrored copies of critical business data. Geo-redundant backup servers save regular snapshots of the databases to ensure business continuity.